Deux pas en avant, about us

With two it's easier! That’s why Deux pas en avant founded in 2015 by Vanessa merged in 2018 with Charline de Tomar creation.

Charline, mother of 2 children, tries to meet customer requirements by creating made-to-measure shoes. She works on design, designs new models to adapt them to the feet of toddlers as well as to those of older children. Charline and her partner, Eduard have been running the Tomar workshop and his team for 10 years. Together they design, sew and finalize quality leather slippers with an original style responding to the demands of Barefoot: “We are 3 seamstresses and 3 preparers-assemblers, we did not have an official dealer. "

Vanessa, a young mother of 4 children, sought to combine professional and private life, first of all thinking of the well-being of her children. “I especially wanted to decide my working hours to enjoy watching my children grow up and to stay with them. I have always had a taste for sales, this is an area that interests me, I communicate a lot with my clients. " Between breastfeeding and babywearing, she puts her heart and energy into communicating with clients. She is the one who ships the packages and presents the new products.

When Deux pas en avant was born, Vanessa was looking for several suppliers to offer more choices to families. With a single watchword: a quality product designed in Europe with a raw material from Europe. Tomar always met the requirements Vanessa asked for her clients. Two years have passed and a bond has set in, that's when Deux pas en avant and Tomar Création merged!

"Deux pas en avant" has become the official distributor of Tomar creation for France.