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The filling makes the difference!

The unique filling is made up of micro-beads filled with air for a perfect balance of temperature and humidity.

The beads are so small and elastic that they cannot flatten out.The filling therefore retains its shape and should not be replaced after a certain time.

The balls are antistatic (the cushion does not stick to the body).

The cushion is light, odorless and makes no noise.

In short, the Form Fix is an extremely pleasant relaxation cushion!


Multi-purpose, from pregnancy cushion to baby chair, and much more ...

The Form Fix cushion supports the belly of pregnant women and relieves the back. It can then be used as a nursing pillow.

As the child rests partly on the cushion, you take the strain off your arms, shoulders and neck. Plus, it helps keep your baby at the correct height while breastfeeding.

As soon as your little one is able to sit up, you can use the Form Fix Cushion as a baby chair.

Later, it can also be used as a play cushion or reader. But no need to be pregnant or have a baby ...

The Form Fix allows everyone to sit or lie down in a particularly comfortable way. A "coat" for your Form Fix cushion The practical Form Fix cover with zipper is made of soft terry cloth, available in different colors and machine washable.

The elastic inside the cover allows the cushion to be easily folded in all directions. Turn your Form Fix cushion into a comfortable ottoman Thanks to the special Sit Fix cover, you can very easily transform your Form Fix into a super practical pouf!

This cover is also machine washable and available in different colors. Ideal for small and large babies.

For the little ones, there are the Form Fix Mini and Form Fix Premature cushions. Before washing, carefully check the cushion for holes.

Be sure to leave the cushion in its cover to wash it. Wash up to 30 ° C. Use detergent for delicates. Do not bleach, wring or tumble dry.

The beads do not take moisture, only the cover needs to dry.

Tip: If the pillow does not fit in the washing machine, it can be washed in the tub. It is also possible to place the cushion on a plastic chair in the shower and wash it with a little detergent. Then let the pillow drip in the tub or shower, shaking it regularly.

Form Fix cover with cover: Wash up to 60 ° C. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Form Fix cotton cover: Wash up to 40 ° C. Machine dry up to 90 ° C. Do not bleach.

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